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Shirdi Saibaba

Shirdi Saibaba

Many claim themselves as SIDDHAR(Yogi-Swamiji-Guru-Spiritual Master-Saint)without attaining that stage. In this situation,how to find an original siddhar?

About GOD

Without a creator nothing can be created. As per this logic there should be a creator for this whole universe. The creator of this universe is generally called as God. Light can be seen only through the eyes. Sound can be heard only through the ears. Just because eyes cannot hear the sound, can an eye say, “I am not able to hear the sound, so I will not accept the existence of sound?" In the same way since the ear cannot see the light, can an ear say, “I am not able to see the light, so I will not accept the existence of light." In the same way, just because a man is not able to realize God through his sixth intelligence, he shouldn’t say that there is no God. As God has created eyes to see the light and ears to hear the sound, he has created the Seventh intelligence to realize him. Hence, only through seventh intelligence you can directly realize and experience the presence of God. Those who have realized the presence of God through seventh intelligence are called as Siddhar, Spiritual Guru, Spiritual Master, Gnani, Saint... Till a man witnesses God directly through seventh intelligence, he has to believe the presence of God through indirect evidences like how the presence of current in the wire is understood through bulb, fan etc... The human society has witnessed many indirect evidences in favour of the presence of God.

About Man

The Science has recorded Man as the highest evolved organism in the organic evolution. The same concept is recorded in Vedas too. Further the Veda says that the soul of the Man undergoes evolution in order to reach the ulterior stage and this process is called as Spiritual evolution of the soul. The Vedas classify the Human soul into four stages in the journey of spiritual evolution. The first stage of soul is called as Milk Stage, second stage as Curd Stage, third Stage as Butter Stage and fourth Stage as Ghee stage. The Ghee stage is the stage in which the seventh intelligence gets opened. This is called as the third eye and in Tamil literature this third eye is called as Netrikkan, Gnanakkan, Agakkan etc... The Vedas say that the soul which has attained the Ghee stage alone gets liberated from all the bondages and will be able to realize the ulterior truth, which in other words known as Dharshan of God. The ulterior motive of human birth is to attain this final stage of the soul which is called as the Ghee stage, and the same is addressed in Tamil literature as Mukthi, Veeduperu, MotchaNilai.

About Spiritual Guru

The Vedas say that, the soul which has attained the stage of Ghee is the supreme stage and the one who has attained this stage is called as a Siddhar, Spiritual Guru, Gnani, Saint etc... The Veda says clearly that an original Spiritual Master (Siddhar) is necessary for a man to attain the Mukthi stage.

God says through Bhagavath Gita "Just try to learn the truth by approaching a Spiritual master. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. The self-realized soul can impart knowledge unto you because he has seen the truth." Gita 4:34.

My Experience in Search of a Spiritual Master (Siddhar)

The Vedas says clearly that a human will be able to get Mukthi only through a Spiritual Master who has attained the Ghee Stage. Presently many people, without attaining this Ghee Stage, claim themselves as Siddhar, Spiritual Master, Spiritual Guru etc... I have met many people who have claimed themselves as Spiritual Masters and when I requested them to prove that they have attained the Ghee stage, they couldn’t prove that they have attained the Ghee Stage. I have spent, nearly fifteen years in search of a true living Siddhar. By the grace of God, at last, I met a TRUE SIDDHAR, who has proved with evidence from the Vedas, that his soul has attained the Ghee stage. I was totally convinced from the evidences which he showed from Vedas and heartily accepted him as my Spiritual Master (Guru) as mentioned in Bhagavath Gita 4:34.

How to Find out an Original Siddhar?

A person who claims as a Doctor or an Engineer can be verified and confirmed by the degree given by the Government recognised University. The Government authorities can be recognised by the ID card issued by the Government. In the same way, a person who claims as a Siddhar has to prove that he is a Siddhar, through concrete evidences from God. According to Vedas, a Siddhar is a person who has received enlightenment from God. How to find out that a person who claims as a Siddhar has received enlightenment from God? The knowledge about this will be revealed by my Guru in person to the deserving people who heartily wish to attain Mukthi. You will be really astonished to know this great knowledge which is hidden in the Vedas. As Mukthi can be attained only through an Original Siddhar, this knowledge will help you to find out a real siddhar. My Guru will prove with evidence from Vedas, that he is an Original Siddhar. He guides the right way, as per Vedas, to the deserving people, to attain Mukthi.

I wish to share this happy news, with people who, by heart, wish to attain the stage of Mukthi. If you are interested, please fill the details below.